Or, if you’re British, Majorca.

“Where are you from with that accent?”  We’ve heard that daily here.  Seems we missed the memo that to visit this island you either need to be British or German.  The good news is that we’ve had no issues finding Cadbury, Bitburger, Bodingtons, Bratwurst, and full English fry ups with rashers and beans!

Unfortunately, while the water is warmer and the beaches are cleaner, the quality of food has gone down from Barcelona.  We’ve managed to find a few good restaurants – but after consecutive visits to Indiana John’s down the road, we’ve been making full use of our kitchen twice daily.  The grocery prices are amazing here for being on an island.  Wine and beer are both cheap.  French brie, large containers of olives, olive oil, local salami and longaniza can all be found for 2-3 Euro.

We’ve had mostly 77 degree days.  Warm enough to swim in the Mediterranean and hang out by the beach.  Most afternoons include a nap at some point and some soccer with B on our colossal terrace.  In the early evenings we walk down to the marina to look at the boats and find some food.

Adios Mallorca, back to the mainland.