I’ve heard Lisbon is for lovers.  I think Lisbon is for people that like walking up hill.  It reminds me of stories you hear from older generations about walking up hill both ways.  I found where they all grew up.

B got a lot of practice going up and down steps.  Between the narrow, sloped, cobblestone sidewalks and steep hills, this isn’t necessarily the most toddler friendly city.  It was, however, remarkable in so many ways.  The city was buzzing with so much culture from all corners of the world.

Besides wandering around the city center, one of our highlights included Belem Tower.

The other was a 40 minute train ride to Sintra, which is a small town filled with massive palaces, castles and gardens for the royal and rich.

We got a kick out of exploring all the grottos and underground caves through Quinta da Regaleira.  What a strange place, almost a real life Labyrinth.  Could have spent the entire day here.  This guy clearly had too much money and didn’t know what to do with it.

We’ve had an awesome time here and it’s our last stop before heading back to the U.S. and the cold weather.  A quick stop in NYC and we’ll be back home.