We wrapped up our 5 week trip with a quick stop in NYC on our way home.  This worked great since we had a direct from Lisbon to NYC and another direct from NYC to Portland.  Somehow we managed to avoid layovers completely on this trip, which is fantastic when traveling with a 3 year old.

We stayed in Midtown, 2 blocks from the Empire State Building.  A few subway rides and enough walking to offset pizza, bagels and hot dogs allowed us to see a lot in 3 days.

One World Trade Center.  Hard to describe the emotions seeing all of the names at the 9/11 memorial.

Kristie’s priority was heading to the Today Show filming and we were able to get into the concert series.  I was a little disappointed she didn’t even try to get on TV.

We made 2 separate trips to Central Park.  B got to check out multiple playgrounds and forage for acorns and leaves.  The colors of the trees were amazing and we got lucky with the sunny, fall weather.

I’ve heard the best time to visit NYC is in the fall and I can’t disagree.  Unfortunately, this stop also meant the end of our trip.  Our extended summer is over and it’s back to the gray, rainy skies of the PNW.




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