We took advantage of some sunny weather and spent a few days on the Oregon coast.  There’s something about going in the middle of the winter – no crowds and the clam chowder tastes even better!

Alpaca feeding on the way home.  Hard to find a better looking farm animal.

Trade 10 was finally closed out for a 1.4% gain.  The market continues north!

I’ve entered two new positions.  Trade 12 is a 2660-2625-2555 broken wing butterfly on the SPX with an expiration of January 26.  This has a very flat t+0 line and limited risk to the upside.

I’ve also entered my first broken wing butterfly in /CL – crude oil futures.  This will be interesting since there is a lot more volatility in oil than the overall market.  This provides a higher risk/return.  This position is about 1/4 of the size as my trades in the SPX.

My position in XIV is now at $128.21 which is up 19% in about a month.  I’ll continue to hold this until it looks like we might be moving out of contango.