“Then the snow started falling, we were stuck out in your car.
You were rubbing both of my hands, chewing on a candy bar.” – Bon Iver

Quick update on current trades.  I’ve exited trade 12 on SPX for a 1.5% gain in 11 days.  Once again the market ran up too far, too fast to make a larger profit on this one.

Trade 13 was on /CL – Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures.  I just like saying that – sounds like a nice desert until you get to the crude oil part.  You also need to have a Louisiana accent to say it right.  Wow, this is showing some great results as I expected due to the much higher volatility than SPX.  Currently up 10.6% in 11 days with no reason to close at the moment as it’s comfortably in the profit tent.  Below is what the trade currently looks like.

Here is a 7 day step view of the same trade.  Purple line is today (t+0) and the lines above that represent +7 days, +14 days and +21 days.

Finally, my current volatility trade in XIV is now at $134.81, up 25% in 33 days.  I don’t expect to close this position over the next few weeks as the market is typically strong during December and the first few weeks of January.  Add to that the momentum from the tax bill, unless we have a serious “buy the rumor, sell the news” move.